Karun is one of those rare adventure films that ticks all the boxes: educational, inspirational and fun. I’m already looking forward Tom and Leon’s next big trip!” –Marc K.

Karun is a nugget of gold, scored with much determination and sense of adventure from this great river of Iran. It opens a window to a country and culture which is generally unknown, and reveals that the journey is every bit as important as the destination.” –Simon C.

“What an awesome, genuine and engaging adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Karun and caught a glimpse of the real Iran. You’ve opened my mind to new places and inspired me to go travel!” –Francis W.

“Fantastic film with honest adventure. It seems there is a kinder, more welcoming side to Iran that the mass media isn’t telling us.” –Ben S.

“A must watch if you believe in the kind nature of people. A truly positive story depicting a place and the people of a part of the world that we often are only shown a negative perspective of.” Alastair L.

“A fascinating portrayal of a country that gets little positive publicity in the west. Stunning images of the landscape and the warmth of the people really come through.” –Dudley M.

“Inspiring and thought-provoking, Karun is a compelling story about far more than an adventurous journey. It’s an illuminating antidote to ignorance and fear of the unknown.” –Iain H.

“Prepare to relearn everything you thought you knew about the wonderful people of Iran. Lovely scenery, sounds and sights as well.” –Andy D.

“Watched it a second time recently when in the States on business – and it completely restored my faith in humanity… just excellent!!!” –Neil G.

“You’ve created one of the most delightful films I’ve watched in some time.” –Stewart D.

“What a trip. It made me look at Iran in a whole new light – itching to go now.” –Jess W.

“A much-needed film displaying both the kindness of locals and beauty of the Iranian landscape whilst witnessing the thrill of a kayaking trip into the unknown.” –Fran H.

“What a journey! Such a brilliant and touching account of a misunderstood country. It’s just so darned funny too!” –Beccy A.

“It reinforces the fact that people everywhere all just want the same simple things.” –Chad K.

Karun dives head first into the heart of Iran’s life without prejudice or fear. It changed for the better how I see the country and its people and was engaging about it as well!” –Aaron S.